RE-EDIT: SHINee Talk Upcoming Projects & How EDM Is Influencing K-Pop Artists at KCON LA 2016

One of my favorite aspects of Music Journalism Insider’s newsletter is a series called Notes on Process, featuring writers explaining how a piece came together. I wanted to riff on that a bit for this newsletter, but not so sure what the best way to do so is, so I’m going to be introducing a re-editing and rewriting series of some of my stories.

This is going to end up being a series of posts available only to paid subscribers, but to launch it, I wanted to make this free for everyone.

To kick things off, I did a fairly brief re-edit of my Billboard interview with SHINee back at KCON LA 2016. It’s a pretty short interview, but they’re about to have a comeback to celebrate their 15th anniversary so it felt fitting.

SHINee at KCON LA 2016.

You can access my Google Doc with edits here, or enjoy the screenshots below. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE DOCUMENT OR ADD ANY SUGGESTIONS. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out a way to make the suggestions and edits visible to viewers only, so I’m trusting you all not to mess with this. If I get notifications of any edits, I’ll be unable to do any more of these, and I’ll be blocking you from this newsletter.

Please note that I’m not adding alt text to the screenshots because I don’t know how it’d work with the comments and all that, but hopefully the Google Doc is helpful for anyone who uses alt texts. Please drop me a line if there’s a better way, or if you prefer the alt text, and I’ll try it out next time! I’m thinking that next time I’ll just do all the edits without the Google Doc editing/suggesting function, it just seems like it may be a bit easier..

If you have any interviews or stories you’d like me to revisit, or questions about this one, please drop me a line!