Introducing Notes on K-pop's Entertainment Writing Fellowship

Introducing Notes on K-pop's Entertainment Writing Fellowship

Hello, hello! I mentioned a few weeks ago on Linkedin that I was thinking of offering some sort of course or fellowship, and the interest really blew me away. I did some thinking, and ultimately decided to launch a summer fellowship for this newsletter to help two people looking to break into entertainment journalism and media.

Like Notes on K-pop and my varied writing schedule, this is a pretty flexible fellowship: it can begin as early as June 15 and go as late as September 15 depending on each fellow's own schedule and needs. You don't need to be a student or recent post-grad, but I will pick fellows who I best feel can benefit from some direct guidance into the world of entertainment journalism. And, of course, who will be a great fit for this newsletter, as they'll be getting bylines here.

"Contents are power! Sleep when you're dead!" is my motto (that I stole from GOSE)

Unfortunately, I have to make it so that this fellowship is only available to US citizens as I don't feel like I can offer proper guidance for people living in other journalism markets in good faith. If this fellowship goes well, I hope to repeat it in future years, and will aim to think up ways to make it more global.

What the fellowship offers:

  • Four 1-hour 1:1 mentoring sessions over about how to break into entertainment writing
  • Feedback and guidance for up to 10 pitches to outlets
  • Opportunity to publish at least one article, and up to three (if it's a series), for Notes on K-pop. While your focus as a journalist doesn't have to be K-pop, due to the subject matter of Notes on K-pop this article or articles do need to be related to the subject of this newsletter.
  • $250 stipend

Who is eligible:

  • US citizens only
  • Anyone transitioning into entertainment journalism
  • Priority will be given to undergraduate and graduate students, and post-grads

To apply, fill out this form. Applications close May 15. Accepted applicants will be contacted by May 25.