Girls' Capitalism –– an update re refunds

Girls' Capitalism –– an update re refunds

Hello, hello from my quasi January Hiatus. I'm back in New York City after a week in Seoul, and I am here asking you to take some a few brief moments to talk about money.

Please note this will (hopefully!) be the last housekeeping newsletter before I get back to regularly scheduled K-popology.

So the good news! If you were a paid subscriber at Substack you should be now getting a refund since they won't be getting any more money due to Notes on K-pop.

More good news! If you'd like to keep supporting this newsletter, or offer some financial support for the first time ever, please do sign up anew. I'd greatly appreciate it.

The bad news, AKA The reason I'm sending out this newsletter... Unfortunately, Substack didn't clear this by me when I disconnected my Stripe account from it. It was automated and I didn't realize this was going to happen, so now I'm getting a negative balance from Stripe.

I don't really know if this means you're getting your money all at once, or as I get back into the positive it'll send to you individually one by one, so I'm asking for your understanding if it takes some time. If you'd like the funds quickly and they're not with you by the end of this week, please email me and I'll Venmo, Paypal, or Cashapp you the refund in full.

Okay, back to me watching The Bear and trying to knit a K-pop inspired pattern while I brainstorm 2024 plans for Notes on K-pop. See you all soon with my upcoming outro of 2023, intro to 2024 feature early next week.