Due to Naziism, this newsletter will find a new home in 2024

What a depressing thing to write in 2023

Pretty pissed off today at the fact that Nazis and other hateful folks are going to be allowed to continue to be not only allowed but able to profit off of Substack. Companies like substack are well within their legal rights to do so, but that doesn’t mean I have to continue supporting their platform, when I clearly have thoughts on Naziism’s pervasiveness in everyday places. The same way I’m no longer active on Twitter due to Nazi-style behaviors of Elon Musk, I’ll be leaving here too.

Because I didn’t know this was happening and didn’t plan this to be such a sudden departure, I will still publish my EOY pieces here, and start anew in 2024 at a new home. For the moment, please remain subscribed and/or follow me on other platforms like Instagram or Threads, or my website so I can keep you updated . I will aim to have a new home by early Jan. I’ll be traveling in early Jan, so this may ultimately lead to a month’s long hiatus, so I ask that you have patience with me while I find a new home for Notes on K-pop.

As of today, I’m halting any payments. Edit: I can’t figure out a way to refund anything recently charged, but if you email me (tamarhermanwrites@gmail) I’ll venmo or paypal you.

Captain America was punching Nazis in 1941. Here's why that was so daring.  - The Washington Post

That’s it for today. I’m had planned to get my best of songs list out on Sunday (December 24), my best of albums list out on Monday or Tuesday (December 25-26), a Reader’s Choice piece later in the week (work schedule allowing), publish my Year-In-Review piece on December 31 to ring in 2024. I guess it’ll be ringing in a farewell to this platform as well.

Happy holidays and new year! Thank you all so much for supporting Notes on K-pop here on Substack. I hope you still continue to support it wherever I find it a new home.